Monday, 6 July 2015

A pair of sterling silver. pierced flower drops.

A sterling silver, pierced flower bracelet with belchar chain and Japanese beads.

A sterling silver, pierced feather pendant on chain.

A pair of sterling silver, pierced feather pendants strung on Japanese beads.

Riveted by Jewellery

Jewellery is an ever changing medium that allows for expression in all types of form and design. However, this can become confusing for follows and fans of certain jewellers, causing these jewellers to stick to what they know and what they know will sell. Even though jewellery is an art form and is used to express the whim of the artist, it is also one of the oldest forms of business and is there to be sold.
So how do you tap into different markets and increase your following without losing the style of your brand and the essence of your design? Do what many people in the art, publishing and design field do. Have different brands that target different markets and cater to different tastes.

Maryse Castel Creations is my original business and one that will hopefully expand in design and techniques. It is under this name that I express my classic, fine jewellery tastes. The technically more advanced pieces that appeal to many South Africans who want a piece of jewellery that they will never tire of and that will continue to carry its worth in metal and stones used.

Riveted was the brand name that I came up with while studying at University. It has always been at the back of my mind to use this name for my business but as my plans changed and evolved, I found that it didn't suit my needs until recently. It is now perfect for my secondary range of jewellery that I produce under the Riveted name.
This is where I can 'play' and enjoy the whimsy and fun you can have with jewellery. Using other materials and simple shapes that are effective and eye catching without breaking the bank. My 'not so serious" jewellery range. Here I use simpler jewellery techniques that make these pieces uncomplicated and contemporary.

Pair of sterling silver, pierced feather studs.

A pair of sterling silver, pierced feather drops